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How far to go with Vegetarianism/veganism
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Dołączył: 07 Lis 2017
Posty: 2
Skąd: New york
Wysłany: 2017-11-11, 13:48   How far to go with Vegetarianism/veganism

I've watched Earthlings. It scared me. I want this world to change. I'm not a perfect Vegan at all, maybe this means I can't even call myself a Vegan because Veganism seeks to exclude, as far as possible to not cause suffering to animals at all.... and it must be possible to not hurt but it's about finding the way and gaining the knowledge which I don't think I have, fully. I believe in Veganism though. When I was vegetarian I did what I could to avoid dairy because I knew it fuelled the meat industry: dairy cow mothers are forcefully impregnated over and over until they can't anymore, slaughtered at 4yrs when they're done and can't produce any more. And baby cows' flesh are contained in Parmesan cheese! How cruel :( .... but should we make our cats and dogs vegan? Should we even have cats dogs, chickens as pets? Shouldn't we just let them free. Yet can we say zoos are entirely cruel when a lot of them protect animals from being endangered and ...eaten! Should we save zebras from lions if we could? How far can we give animals rights before some of them begin to hurt us? As some cannot reason...:/ these are still questions I feel are hard to answer.
I believe trying to pursue so called 'Veganism' is a compassionate way of living don't force my views on others because I can understand different situations, eg, culture, and partly because I don't feel like I'm personally perfectly avoiding all of the suffering, because I know that I am force fed animal products at times by my parents and also am faced with situations where I can't find vegan food options and have to be flexible. Bananas, coconuts,white sugar, palm oil, a lot of alcohol+drinks, tattoo ink, countless cosmetic and household products etc the list goes on .when it comes to animal suffering..Vegans don't touch those!? But there are just so many things that exploit animals!! What about countless plant productions that kill animals!? Can there be a way of eliminating all of this suffering?

I didn't find the right solution from the internet.

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